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my first name is too long. people can never pronounce it correctly. i usually go by my middle name, mathew. i'm a 20 year old college student residing in orange county, calif. i'm awkward and shy. i can be very sarcastic at times. i try my best to make people happy, even if i'm not. i smoke a lot of weed. don't judge me for it. i don't smoke to be cool, it's my stress reliever. i like to watch a lot of indie films. i am obsessed with Skins (UK). i can't swim. i have a deep ocean water phobia and also a phobia of drowning.
i post/reblog things that i have an interest in. i usually don't "follow back". i'm not that kind of blog to follow everyone back. if that was the case, my dashboard would be so crazy. i only follow blogs i like and that are similar to mine. but i would be happy to check out blogs. just ask me to in my ask box.
Disclaimer: i do not own any of the pictures posted, unless stated otherwise.
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lol <3 ders’








Made by the same people who did the quiet place.
The last time they made one it was great.
This is incredible.

Crying. Shaking. But ready for sleep. 
This was well needed. 


I needed this

This is wonderful

At first I was like “oh this is silly” but then I was typing furiously and openly sobbing on my keyboard. 

What a beautiful idea. ♥

crying legit tears rn.

wow I wrote for 5 seconds and just started bawling my eyes out. lovely.

needed this

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(by knock-kneed and upright)